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Castlefest 2012

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Once again the famous Castlefest, a fantastic medieval and fantasy event in the Netherlands in a very big and beautiful park around the Castle Keukenhof, is the reason for another update of this page. Somehow I feared, it might be a little disappointment to return to this wonderful place, for our first visit last year was so inspiring and somehow unique – but there was no reason for that at all. It was definately different, but really wonderfull again and there are mainly only two things, I didn’t like during these days: Time is running soooo fast and it’s no real fun getting soaked to the skin 2 times… grmpf… but I’m adaptive, next year I wouldn’t wait until the third festival day to take an umbrella with me – or I’ll try to get an diver’s suit before… ;o)

Now, about 10 days after the Castlefest days, lots of impressions, pictures and sounds are still very present and put a smile on my face. Do you know bands, you appreciate since years and like very much, but you can’t see the slightest chance, to see them live somewhere, for they are living somehow on the other side of the planet? It’s really a damn good feeling, if this changes suddenly – I was really happy, to see the wonderful Sonja Drakulich and the great musicians of Stellamara even 2 times live… :o)

Meeting one of my absolute favourites Irfan again and enjoying 2 touching concerts was another highlight this year. A real surprise (not only for me) was Maya, the new female singer of Irfan. With her soulful voice and positive vibes she is bringing lots of deep intensity and easiness at the same time on to the stage. I really hope, the search for a great female voice for Irfan has ended and this is the start of a long cooperation. In my mind she is fitting perfectly to Irfan – and that’s definately not only a singular opinion… *special waves to France*… :o)

Seeing Euzen live is something absolutely special – and even if it’s just my 2nd Euzen concert, I really feel so much „at home“ with the music of the captivating Maria and these crazy and likeable guys. A fantastic live band with awesome musicians (btw.: are they really human? ;o) ), the great stage presence and the whole charisma and positive vibes of this band are a guarantee for 90 minutes of musical delight and good moods. I’m already thrilled to see Euzen again this year….

Ooops, still anybody reading? Yep, spiegelwelten is mainly a photo page, I know… but still lots of more moments are in my mind… a beautiful, almost intimate Lisa Cuthbert concert… another great Omnia-Set (again with rain guarantee ;o)) …  enjoying The Moon and the Nightspirit live again after years… relaxed moments with my daughter listening to the gentle harmonies of AmmA…  a really great and funny shooting with the 2 scariest vampires ever… and of course meeting lots of talks and meetings with interesting, open minded and friendly people. Hmm, guess, I should start planning the journey to Castlefest 2013 soon – hope to see you there (again)… :o)
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