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Euzen live at the WGT 2012 in Leipzig

27.05.2012, Torhaus Dölitz / Heidnisches Dorf           —> Click on any picture or here to view the concert pictures (needs Flash) <—

Do you know Euzen? Have you heard anything of their great music? Or even better: Have u seen Euzen? No? Hey, you really missed something…
I will not try to describe Euzen’s music here, cause this is mainly (mostly ;o)) a photo page, but I strongly recommend to visit Euzen’s Homepage or Euzen on myspace to get an idea about the Euzenverse (= the Euzen Universe). Hmm, and now? How should I describe an indescribable incredible concert? ;o)

Do you know these rare and precious moments, when you realize, you’re living just in the here and now? Nothing and nobody will disturb you, you’re just here enjoying the moment, feeling good and happy and you don’t mind looking like an idiot because of the big continuous smile on your face – that’s how I felt watching and listening Euzen live… :o)

Thanks so much for one of  my absolute concert highlights in the last years, Euzen! Happily looking forward for more positive energy and magic moments on the Castlefest and of course on the coming fall tour – almost can’t wait for it… :o)

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